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Posted: 4th February 2022

Food Scientist II

Application Deadline: 8th April 2022
A mid-career food scientist with a few years of experience, using their knowledge of biology, chemistry, or material science to assist the team with new product development and with formulating products from scratch.
Develop product formulas, product quality metrics, processing procedures, and raw material specifications to support company goals.
Design and conduct bench experiments, pilot trials, and assist with co-manufacture plant trials for new and existing products. 
Analyze test results and offer recommendations for further product/process development and improvement.
Work with suppliers and vendors to evaluate functional ingredients and develop processes to optimize texture, flavor, and appearance of plant-based meat and/ or dairy products.
Design and conduct shelf life, sensory, and product quality tests.
Provide technical support to sales and marketing teams, such as creating product prototypes for special events and generating product technical and nutritional data sheets.
Experience developing recipes and formulations from scratch for a wide range of food products. 
Specific knowledge in the field of plant-based meat/dairy is a plus.
Technical knowledge of ingredient functionality and interactions.
Understanding of product-process interaction and how to adapt processes and ingredient selection to fit the manufacturing process is a plus.
Self-starter and independent thinker who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, managing projects, and collaboration to create/commercialize multiple products under tight timelines.
Required Experience
3-5 years’ of combined education and/or experience in food product development.
Required Education
Minimum of a bachelor’s in Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering,  or a related field.

English required, Spanish preferred