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Investor Relations Manager

Our client is looking for an Investor Relations Manager who will be playing a key role in maintaining strong and transparent relationships between the business and the investor community.


Procurement Manager

We are looking for an experienced Procurement Manager to manage the company’s supply of products and services, including strategizing to find cost-effective deals and suppliers.


Chief Revenue Officer

We're looking for a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to take responsibility for the performance, strategy and alignment of all departments within the organisation that have any relation to revenue generati


Chief Legal Officer

We're looking for a Chief Legal Officer for one of our clients in Paris


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

We are looking for an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to perform effective risk management and plan the organization’s financial strategy.


Financial Analyst

We are seeking a bright and analytical person to support the PECI investment team with underlying investment due diligence and research.

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